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Ready to book your sleep consultation?

Have you been struggling to help your little one get to sleep and stay asleep?

Is your baby King or Queen of the cat nap?

Are you and your child waking up multiple times in the night, and feeling exhausted during the day?

If you see yourself in these questions, we want you to know you are not alone! We have been there, and like so many other new parents, we assumed that our babies would simply sleep when they were tired, and stay asleep until they needed to eat again.

It took a lot of struggling and sleepless nights, and even more research and education, but we came to realise that our babies, like many others, needed help to figure out how to get to sleep and stay asleep!

If your little one is struggling with sleep issues, and you’re feeling like you are at your wits end, we are here for you! As nurses, we look at your family holistically, and assess all aspects of your well-being! We come up with sleep plans tailored to your needs, wishes, and comforts. We use gentle approaches that help teach you about your baby's sleep needs and cues.

We recognise that each baby and family is unique, and we tailor our sleep coaching to YOU! We do not use a one-size-fits-all approach, every sleep plan is unique!


We provide sleep coaching for families with children that are under 30 months and still sleeping in their cribs.

Every family that is struggling with sleep is encouraged to book a quick consultation with Loreli, our Infant Sleep Consulting Professional. Click here to book yours today to see if sleep coaching with Loreli is right for you. This initial consult is $20, and once completed you will receive a $20 coupon to use towards sleep coaching plans.

We have sleep packages that start at $220, and range in the amount of support you need. 

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