Our signature course, called Pregnancy to Parenthood, is a group prenatal class that is now offered as a hybrid class, where we meet in-person twice with our local clients, and have the classes virtual, and live for those who are not in the Regina area. The class is 6 weeks long, and is open to anyone across Canada!
Now this isn't your mama's prenatal class! We are teaching you about so much more than just how to birth your baby. We know that evidence based perinatal education is important for you to go into birth and then parenthood feeling safe and confident.

Remember, knowledge is power! 

When you know what to expect, are given the up to date information, and are empowered to make your own decisions on how you want your birth and postpartum time to go, you will feel more satisfied and fulfilled in your birth and parenting experience.​

In this course you will learn:

  • How to get through your 3rd trimester feeling strong and rested.

  • The tension and anxiety cycle that you need to be aware of to help you reduce pain during labour no matter where you are on the calm to anxious spectrum.  

  • How to navigate the hospital setting, and have the birth that you desire.

  • The number one strategy you can do during labour that will help your body birth your baby (decreases your pain, makes your uterus contract better, and gets baby into most optimal position)!

  • How you and your baby can work together to have the most effective labour possible.

  • How to ensure your body, mind, soul, and family are thriving during your postpartum period.

  • How to spot perinatal mood and anxiety symptoms that affect up to 1 in 4 postpartum parents, and when to seek help.

  • And so much more!