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Snoozy Sprout

Snoozy Sprout

This is our standard sleep package, which is ideal for families with children who are up to 30 months old and still sleeping in their crib. This is for your family if you need personal care and support during the entire sleep coaching process. This package gives you the support, encouragment, and self trust you need to get your baby and yourself sleeping better and feeling more rested! 

*Make sure to book your 15 minute consultation with Loreli before purchasing this sleep coaching package. This is a $20 service to ensure we are a good fit. After that intial meeting, you will receive a $20 coupon to use towards a sleep plan*

  • Included with this program


    • Initial in-take form to guide your sleep plan
    • After receving your intake form, you will receive your personalized sleep plan within 3 business days
    • Private consult where we will chat about your sleep plan and space as well as your day to day routines
    • Sleep log that you you will use to track your baby's sleep and routines, which I will review daily, letting you know of any small tweaks that may need to happen via email.
    • Continued email support the second week the make sure everything stays on track, and provide fine tuning as needed.
PriceFrom C$400.00
Excluding GST/HST
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