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Supported Sprout

Supported Sprout

This package is a high support coaching package that includes Loreli coming to your home for your first night of sleep coaching, and staying with you until your baby is asleep. This is often the choice of parents who are exhausted, and would like in-person, step-by-step guidance when starting their sleep plan. Loreli is there with you, to coach and guide you and your child. She would arrive before bedtime routine begins, and stay for apromimately 4 hours, to start your sleep journey with you and work through the first part of the night.

*Make sure to book your FREE 15 minute consultation with Loreli before purchasing this sleep coaching package*

  • Included with this package

    • Initial in-take form to help guide our initial meeting
    • Private, 1.5-hour consult where we will chat about your sleep goals and space as well as your day to day routines
      • After your consult, you will receive your customized sleep plan within 72 hours
      • This initial meeting would happen via Zoom or in your home, whichever you prefer
    • Loreli's in-home support the night you initiate your sleep plan
    • Sleep log that you you will use to track your baby's sleep and routines, which I will review daily, letting you know of any small tweaks that may need to happen via email.
    • Two 15 min phone calls during the first week to help make your families sleep goals a reality
    • Continued email support the second week the make sure everything stays on track, and provide fine tuning as needed.
Excluding GST/HST
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