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Frequently Asked Questions, Pregnancy to Parenthood edition

We have a lot of people asking us similar questions regarding our signature prenatal course, Pregnancy to Parenthood.

We hope answering these in an FAQ will help all you preggo's out!


When should I take this prenatal course?

We think that the best time to start our course is somewhere between 20-30 weeks gestation. That way, you are far enough along into your pregnancy to use some of the information right away, and you will be sure to complete the course before you are full term. If you are the type of learner that prefers to sit with information and process it for a little while, then take the course closer to your 20th week. If you are someone who prefers to have the information at the top of mind, then taking it later might work better!


Are these classes recorded?

No, for confidentiality, we do not record any of our prenatal education classes. If you can't make it to a class, we are happy to spend time with you and catch you up!


This isn't my first pregnancy, should I take your course?

YES!! We definitely love having experienced parents in our prenatal classes. You bring a bit of perspective and experience that is so great! And we are pretty sure you will still take away a ton of information, some will be new to you and some will just be reminders of things you may have forgotten since your last birth ;-)


Can I have my partner/support person attend these classes?

Yes, you most definitely can, and we recommend it! Pregnancy, labour, birth, and parenting is usually not a solo sport, and we definitely talk to and educate support people as well as birthing people on how they can work through all the in's and out's of the perinatal period.


How long is the course?

The Pregnancy to Parenthood course is once a week for 7 weeks. Each class is 1.5 hours long. If that timeline doesn't work for you, we also offer private sessions, that are tailored to your schedule and needs.


Why should I take prenatal classes? Won't my body know what to do?

This is a really great question, and we love answering it. Overall, yes, your body inherently is made for growing and birthing your perfect baby! It's intuition, mama's and papa's! However, we do know that having the education and understanding of the things that are happening, and about to happen to you during the labour, birth, and postpartum period is so helpful! There is a TON of scientific evidence (aka the studies that Loreli and Sara love to geek out over) telling us that education on all of these processes is so important to having an overall better experience in the perinatal period, and also better health outcomes!


There we go folks! We hope that this answers your questions about our online prenatal courses! If you have more questions, please leave them in the comments!


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