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Nourishing Your Sprout eBooklet

Nourishing Your Sprout eBooklet

Core Knowledge to Start and Keep Breastfeeding

This eBooklet is for you if you are in your 3rd trimester, and plan to breastfeed your infant! This is a quick reference guide to help you feel confident going into your feeding journey. You will learn about breasts and how they make milk, and how to latch and position your baby for easy feeding that feels comfortable. You will also learn how to watch for signs that things aren't quite right, and how to fix them before they turn into a big deal!


This eBooklet is a great start to breastfeeding, and is a quick guide to getting started. If you want to level up your knowledge, join Sara in our monthly, virtual Nourishing Your Sprout class, where she shares her vast breastfeeding knowledge and answers all of your questions!

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